Monday, November 25, 2013 has been a very long time since I posted anything on my blog.

Life is so busy, and yet I know if I take the time to stop and record what we are doing it will be so worth it in the long run.

My husband is a Physiotherapist....a really good one!  Of course I think that, but really, his dream for a very long time has been to start his own Physio clinic.  We took this jump and planned and brainstormed our name, logo etc.  This has been such a fun process, we still have much work to do and I am realizing a venture like this takes time to get going and off the ground.
On Sept. 1st  CORE MANUAL THERAPY opened it's doors to the public.  It was such a whirlwind of renovations, as we did many of them ourselves (and by ourselves I mean Brian and I and the help of his amazing family).  Looking back it is truly amazing what we accomplished in just a matter of weeks. Brian has been extremely busy and the business is on it's way up!!!  

What a journey it has been for us.
When I think of where we have come professionally, all the change, the ups and downs, I realize that all of it needed to happen.  It has made us stronger, given us more drive to succeed and helped to solidify our goals.  These hard times have also given us incredible people in our lives who are a huge part of our business and it's success!  One person in particular is Christina Walmsley, this woman is such a blessing in our lives.  One year ago she was a receptionist for Brian and she started asking questions about the church, Mormons and what Brian believed.  Through his example she realized the church could not be what she had been told by some of her friends.  Soon she and her wonderful son Daniel were taking the discussions in our home.  What an amazing experience this was for our family.  Having the Full-time Missionaries in our home once a week to teach them.  Our children were a part of this experience and shared their testimonies when asked by the Missionaries.  Those were such special times together.

  Christina and Dan joined the church on June 8th, 2013.  

Christina is such a huge part of our successful business.   She is the Office Manager and receptionist at CORE MANUAL THERAPY.   We are so lucky to have her in our lives, she is like a sister to both Brian and I.  

212 13  Street South
Lethbridge, AB T1J2V4
The business is off to a great start.
We still have some work to do in the clinic, but I will take pictures soon and post them here.  We are also working on signage for the exterior....but things are slowly coming together. Below is our logo and Brand

This is a temporary sign that we had for the day we opened!  It came together nice and we ended up using the Olive Green color in our permanent logo!!

Friday, April 26, 2013

sisters trip . . . six days in heaven

where to start . . . 
spending this time with my sisters was just the boost i needed as a busy mother

it was the perfect get-a-way

. . .and to spend time just the three of us, has not happened in a very long time, probably since we were living at home together
 seattle is such a beautiful place, everything was so green and lush, with blossoms on the trees and flowers blooming everywhere . . . and to see the ocean - it was like paradise.  
while a snow storm raged at home on the prairies, timing - perfect!
 our time together consisted of eating out - panera bread was amazing!!
 i am definitely in love with fondi
 this is the beautiful ranch house that my sister calls home, where we stayed while visiting . . . it truly is a little piece of heaven, they have cows, goats, sheep, ducks, chickens and the most beautiful yard imaginable
 this is one of the beautiful harbors just minutes from their door - breathtaking.
looking for shells and sand dollars and taking in this view was one of my favorite afternoons of our trip
 the cheescake factory was incredible - the avocado roll appetizers we had were my ultimate fav!
 and shopping . . . .yes we did! $$$$$$$$ 
 on our last morning in Gig Harbor we ate at this amazing cafe right on the harbor.  
the eggs benedict were to die for and the view spectacular

goodbye seattle
there were definitely some sleepless nights while in Seattle, but these were the best kind of sleepless . . . . the ones where you are lying awake talking to dear sisters til all hours of the morning.  this was a trip i will always cherish.  
i love you jenny anne and sarah and sweet baby emery
my life is so blessed because i have sisters.

 doing the chores
 my heart is full and i am so grateful to my little sis for her generous & loving heart.  jenny and i  were truly pampered and treated like queens  - dinners, spa day, including my first ever facial, loved every minute!  

we had amazing moments together that i will never forget

~we were called charly's angels one day while walking through the mall together, we laughed and laughed and got our strut on!!

~we met a really amazing girl, of all places, while looking for MAC makeup in Nordstroms.  we visited and got to know a little bit about her and later that night in a really inspired moment realized we should give her a book of mormon.  the next day it all worked out so well and we met up with the missionaries to get a book of mormon and headed back to the mall to share a precious gift.  
it was truly an incredible experience.

~ going to church and meeting all the good people that adore my little sis was so fun, especially the youth. sarah and scott have really made a difference in their ward and the young people just flock to them. we kind of felt like celebrities as we walked in and all eyes were on us because of how much we look alike.  a couple of young women turned and waved at me, and then looked away confused as they saw Sarah sitting beside me. hahahaha.

~we met two amazing young women, true DIMONDS (H &T).  we loved them instantly and had so much fun singing and laughing together (you know who you are)  

~ scott was gone to montana so we had the house to ourselves and that meant chore duty was up to us girls.  it was so fun going out together in our "gum boots" and chore coats and working together.
a huge thank you to scott for letting your wife stay behind and play with us. you were so good to us and we love and appreciate all that you do for our little sis, and the beautiful, happy life you've created together in "probst paradise."  

can't wait to see you all in july


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

i feel so blessed
look at how my babies are growing
i guess i can't really call will my baby anymore . . .  he is officially in YM and the second in command when it comes to holding the priesthood in our family.
he is such a good boy, oh how i love him.

my hannah is one.
i can't believe how fast the first year of her life went, it is kinda not fair how fast the last of the bunch grows up . . .  because life is so busy. 
she is the sunshine in my day and such joy to my heart.

mr. ethan
 such a handsome man in his bow tie . . don't you think?? i love a little boy in a bow tie.
he never ceases to amaze me with his talents and gifts.

maddison dawn
what a fine young lady she is becoming.  i have watched her tackle hard things this year and oh how she shines.   her light is growing brighter  - this light of her testimony and faith in the gospel of Jesus Christ. 
i can not believe she is just over a year away from YW . . . how did that happen?

i love her sweet pose in the picture below . . . . it is my very favorite of her!  it shows her spunk and energy and sparkle.  she just turned seven on sunday and that is very hard for me to wrap my head around.  she is my peanut, my little mini me, in my mind she is still five years old (maybe because she is so tiny still, just recently graduating to size six clothes;).   i wish time would slow down so i could take more time every day to just soak up all her happy energy. there is never enough time in the day to do all i would like to do with each child. 

oh how i love that squinty eyed smile . . . when seth smiles his eyes light up and i can see his soul.  i love it when he smiles, he lights up every day.  "oh good morning mom", "will you lay down with me, "wets pway wegos" (can you figure that one out??)  he is my little man now that he is four and tells me every day all  of the new things he can do . . .  now that he is four years old.  xoxo

a song i sang as a little girl comes to mind . . . . .

one little two
    little three little babies i can love

of all the joy, for me i'll choose no other how happy i will be
four little five   
    little six little babies in my home

i am happy

Friday, October 26, 2012

forever changed.

this summer i discovered instagram . . . . .

this discovery,  combined with a new baby and 5 other children to take care of is what i blame my lack of blogging on!!
as i've looked back through these amazing pictures captured on my phone using this fun app . . . i just had to post them here again, for i am in love with so many of them!!

oh how i love these days with my busy family, all the memories we've made.

with that being said - i don't feel like i am doing anything particularly well
but . . .
the other day as i was dancing with my children in my kitchen and we were laughing and just enjoying being together a though hit me . . . .

it doesn't matter all the things i am unable to start or finish or whatever.
. . .what matters is the time i spend with each child.
i truly cherish each one, they are so different and special.

how could i have ever imagined 12 years ago this Sunday, when i gave birth to my first baby, a little boy, how this journey of motherhood would change me.
for i am changed forever.


Saturday, August 25, 2012

ethan brian boehme is 8

this special boy turned 8
i remember the day he was born, he was so small but such a fighter.
he has so many special gifts and talents . . . 
and we love him so much

 my beautiful sister came and took some pictures for his special day
 these two are cousins & best friends and they get to be baptized together on 
 it will be such a special day
future missionaries 
 aren't they handsome ?
 it was so fun planning this special day with my sister
 what little studs
 everything turned out  p e r f e c t.
the future is bright for these men in black
i hope they will always remember this special day.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Maddison and Ethan had a birthday!!

Summer Birthdays are so fun!!
They both invited a few friends and the day was hot and we swam and ran relays and had such a fun time!  We really do have a little piece of heaven here (even if my house is less than desirable ;).  There is always GOOD FUN to be had on the Farm!
     Getting ready for some boys vs. girls action!!
 We had to run into the garage so the candles would stay lit!  My camera died after this picture so we recorded Ethan live for his birthday moment!!!
 These two love each other so much.  Cousins are the best!
 The girls in the sunshine after swimming in the pool!
 When Will is around there is always entertainment!  Nice form Will!!  10!
 I tried to merge both their cakes!  It turned out better than I thought it would!! Love it when that happens. 
Cute girls, in heaven with the horses behind them! 

I can't believe I have a daughter who is 10!
Maddi is so a sweet, kind, thoughtful.
It is hard to believe that 10 years ago, just as the sun was coming up, she came into the world.  I was scared and worried that everything would be okay as the Doctors told me she would need to come via C-section.  And yet as I held her and the sun filtered in through the hospital window, I felt such a peace come over me.  I held in my arms a healthy baby girl, and because of our so called complication she was my only daughter to be born at DAWN.   I wanted to so much to have a daughter named after me, but to pass onto her the middle name of Dawn she just had to be born at Dawn.  The Lord works in mysterious ways.  None of my other daughters were born at dawn, only Maddi.

 Having a daughter is what I always dreamed it would be . . . and as she grows I get so excited for the years to come as she becomes a lady.  I have so many hopes for her, such love in my heart for this blonde haired, blue eyed, beautiful daughter of mine! 
I love you Maddison Dawn.

Ethan turned 8 this year!
What a big year for him!
Ethan has so many talents, he is so bright and funny and kind!
He is my whatever goes, what can I do to help, guess what,  sweet little man!
I remember clearly his birth and how special it was, there were so many miracles that transpired during my pregnancy and as he came into the world.  Ethan was my smallest baby and of all my babies was the only one to struggle at birth.  They showed him to me and then rushed him off to the  ICU.  Brian stayed by his side, worrying and praying over him as he struggled to fight to breath and thrive.  But what a fighter he is!  I remember finally getting to hold him and being awe struck by his perfect fingers and toes and how beautiful he was.  Every time I've given birth the emotion and love takes me by storm, it fills my heart and soul almost to bursting.  
I love you Ethan.  
I am so proud of him for wanting to be baptized.  It's all he talks about really!!  We are working on a plan to have him baptized with his Cousin Beau!  What a special day that will be!!

Friday, July 6, 2012

three months ago i had a baby . . . . .

then two weeks later we celebrated Seth's birthday
then two weeks after that celebrated Emma's birthday
then soccer season started somewhere in there
then we blessed Hannah
then the end of a great school year came
then we celebrated my Dad's 60th birthday in Waterton (oh how i heart my family)
then Emma and Seth started swimming lessons
then cheered on Will, Maddison and Ethan in the SOUTHERN ALBERTA SUMMER GAMES( they participated in track & field events, soccer and basketball)

 . . . . . things have been pretty busy around here
and now Summer is here, Hooray!
And all the while this little peanut has been growing and changing.  Oh how i love this sweet baby girl! She is babbling and squealing and making the cutest sounds, she loves to smile at her brothers and sisters and is such a happy content baby.  She just rolls with everything we are doing, running the kids to their activities . . . . such an angel baby!! xoxo

i am trying to work on photo books, of Seth and Hannah and get all caught up.  i am also trying to work making my blog into a photo book, a work in progress!
Happy Summer!  We have been enjoying days at the pool and all the fun in the sun!


Friday, May 4, 2012

birthday's gallore!

i should be blogging about this boys birthday

seth turned 3.  oh how i love this picture of him.  he is such a happy, sweet boy. i love daily snuggles and conversation, he is talking so big these days.  i love the sweet questions that come in his husky little boy voice,"will you lay down with me mom," " can you come play with me mom,"  and the sweet bedtime whispers, " i love you so much mom."
 i love him so.

I should be blogging about this girls birthday

i can't believe she is 6.  she sparkles and her energy makes me feel young and sparkly too, just by being with her.  i love her independent spirit, her ear to ear smile, and the twinkle in her eye.  she is growing up.  i refuse to see it some days, but just look at her, she is 6 and she will be going to grade 1 next year. the thought makes my heart heavy.  i love this girl so much i will post about her woodland fairy party soon!

. . . . so how could I forget how demanding it is to take care of the needs of a newborn, it is a full time job!  i love every minute, just wish there were more minutes in the day.
 hannah is already 6 weeks old.

we bless her this Sunday, it will be a special day.

at her six week check she weighed 10 lbs 15 oz
she is growing so quickly
it goes too fast
i knew it would
i am trying to cherish every minute . . . .
every time she falls asleep in my arms
cause i know it won't be long and she'll be sitting, crawling walking, talking and going off to school.


i am in the trenches of motherhood and i am trying to let things go, smile, forgive myself, try again and enjoy the moments of mothering 6 beautiful babies.
 cause i know i am so blessed

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Our Equinox baby!

hannah jane boehme

. . .came into the world on the morning of the first day of Spring, March 20th, 2012. This is known as the spring equinox. A day when there is an equal amount of light and darkness in the world. The light she has brought into my heart and our home is so beautiful and fills me every day as I take care of her needs. Oh how I love this little girl! She came into the world so peacefully, my labor and her delivery were calm and serene and it was truly an experience I will never forget. (if you are having a baby and haven't looked into Hypno-birthing, do i ,you will not regret it)

Hannah weighed 8 pounds 14 ounces
21 inches long
She has lots of dark hair and the most adorable chubby cheeks!

Her birth was so special and that introduction, those first moments just take your breath away as you look at this perfect baby, with tiny fingers and toes and you feel so overwhelmed with love and gratitude for a healthy baby.
In those perfect first moments I felt to savor and let it sink in, deep down, that this would be my last time to experience it all. And in my heart I felt peace.

I am so blessed and lucky to be the Mother of these 6 children. I hope I can be all they need me to be. I love them, each one, with a love that makes my heart want to burst.

Welcome baby Hannah . . . welcome to our world!