Thursday, February 25, 2010


and "Your all I need my love, my Valentine!"

We got dressed up for a Stake Adult Dance and had a fun evening together, kick'in up our heels!
Even if we didn't know what we were doing, we went out there and had fun together. So many couples were there just sitting along the walls, but me and my man, WE DANCED ANYWAY!
Even if we were stepping on eachother's toes and making fools of ourselves, AREN'T WE ALL FOOLS IN LOVE?

a SUPER Birthday!

SUPER BOWL SUNDAY was a special day for our family
of course their is all the "hype" of the big game, but more than that we celebrated a very special "ALLSTAR.!
The kids call him Daddy, and I call him Babe, sweetie, and Bri!

Brian was excited to share his birthday with the SUPER BOWL and was so PUMPED that his favorite team the New Orleans SAINTS, would be in the big game.

As I was thinking about what kind of a cake to make, i thought it would be fun to make him part of the big game in a way. So this is the cake I came up with. A New Orleans Team Jersey with the big numbers on it!!!!

Can you believe he is 35? I don't think he looks a day older than 20!
I love you Brian and feel like the luckiest girl to have you in my life. I am and always will be your #1 fan and cheer leader!!

We started the day off for Brian with breakfast in bed, here is a sample!

happy birthday Brian!

And ended the day with a PARTY!
Getting ready to light the candles

the flames are lit! Birthdays are so fun!

LATER. . . . . .

. . . . . . . when the kids were all in bed i had something special planned.
Brian had recorded the game and so we had a candlelight picnic on our living room floor with some fun "game" food, potato skins and mozerella sticks and sparkling cider, and I gave Brian his presents. I wrote him a special love note with 35 things I love about him (THANKS FOR THE IDEA REGAN) and bought him some cologne, a new shirt and a few essentials. We had such a fun time together and i hope my MAN felt special on his SPECIAL DAY!


nothing like a fun night at home together, GOTTA KEEP THE FLAME ALIVE!!!

Snowflakes are little miracles

what is it about a snowflake that makes us stop and admire with wonder and awe?
Snowflake Electromicrograph

One morning as emma and i looked outside we were amazed with the beauty before us. everything the eye could see was covered with snow. . . .but as we looked closer we realized it wasn't plain old snow, everything was covered in SNOWFLAKES. all the trees branches, roof tops, fences and benches, even the antenna of our van was lined with these beautiful little masterpieces.

snowflake fact
*no two snowflakes are alike

*yet each is magnificently symmetrical and intricate

*snowflakes are a form of water ice formed around a spec of dust

whenever you see snowflakes you are seeing millions of little miracles, at least that is how emma and i felt this magical morning in Feburary.

we caught them on our tongues

they got caught in emma's hair and on her eye lashes

just look at that winter wonderland
how perfect that she has snowflakes on her coat too!

magnificent isn't it?

my sweet girl
we gathered up some of the fluffly white stuff and made homemade snow cones with strawberry syrup. i was a delicious treat and a perfect way to end a magical morning together.

this moment of motherhood was heaven sent
i love my you my sweet emma

2010 Cub Car Rally

it is an exciting day for a 9 year old when the annual cub car rally comes to town!
here is will sporting his car and his award for

most dazzling detail

it really was a fun filled evening, the kids were all there to cheer will on.
ethan was so excited for his big brother and wanted him to win so bad, the excitement was almost more than a 5 year old could bear.
in the first few heats wills car did really well, he won or got second place in most of them.
these boys are so competitive so it was nice to remind will that he was there to have fun too!
here will is just trying to cool his car down, cause it was "smok'in"

on your mark
get set
the boys had so much fun and even though wills car didn't win the race this year it seems that every year his car gets a little faster. . . . . so fairmont ward better watch out, we'll be ready for next year!

the detail is pretty dazzling isn't it.
most of the credit goes to dad, staying up until all hours of then night to get it just perfect.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Miss Maddison

i am so proud of this hard working girl

she has jumped an entire year of ballet to be with her age group

she has dance two nights a week, and miss melissa says she is really working hard and it is paying off. can't wait for the end of the year production of the little mermaid