Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sunday Walks and Forts

Most Sundays we go for a walk on the farm. Last Sunday the weather was so beautiful and we enjoyed a beautiful walk along the tree line. The kids with the help of their cousins have built forts in these old trees. There is a
B O Y fort and of course one for the G I R L S. The children love to play out their and in so many ways it is like their "Terabithia," their own little world.
enjoy the pictures

April Showers

has been a busy month.
e a s t e r
t w o special b i r t h d a y s

it is the cutest thing in the world to hear the pitter patter of little feet coming toward me and to look up and see my baby, my little man, walking around the house, truly enjoying the freedom of his new accomplishment. what is it that is so adorable about a little person when they are learning to walk? could it be that is is one of those milestones that immediately changes the way that you look at your child, like watching them with new eyes, experiencing true joy as they grow and become a little stronger a little smarter . . . . . a little more independent?

i once heard a quote that i can't remember perfectly but it went something like this, " You know you've succeeded as a parent when your children don't need you anymore." In all that we do we are teaching, guiding and hopefully inspiring our children to find their own wings, to see all that is good within, and to learn how to govern themselves. Yet as a Mother sometimes it seems that in those very moments when i know i have succeeded because my child doesn't need me as much, or at all, my "mother" heart aches because of how much i will miss being "needed."

Just as the rain as fallen in a steady shower for the past 2 days,

M O T H E R H O O D has showered me with true
J O Y. This life of service to my sweet children and my husband leaves me so utterly and completely tired most days, and yet somehow in all the love, sweat and tears i am filled . . . it is like this is what my soul was eternally made to do. i know this is what makes us as daughters of God, the Lord's secret weapon. i am so grateful for the knowledge i have of who i am, and always have been, and for the desire i have to become what the Lord wants me to be.
The s h o w e r of love and light I feel from my Savior gives me hope that with his help I can become the mother, daughter, sister, friend and wife that he needs me to be

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Mr. Seth's Birthday

he loved every minute in S U G A R L A N D!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Celebrating ONE!

Last week we celebrated 1

1 little blond, wispy haired boy
1 very special year to cherish (oh how i wish i could relive every moment)
1 very special birthday for our sweet little Seth

As I think about the day that Seth was born and that incredible journey called birth that we shared together. There was something so special, almost spiritual that I experienced in my delivery with this very special little man. I remember feeling so honored, so very lucky as I held him for the first time and those deep penetrating eyes looked up at me, looking into my heart and soul. I cherish those first moments when it was as if my sweet child so innocent, so pure was thanking me for a "pleasant trip," his eyes truly seemed to say "I'm home, this isn't so bad!"
As I've watched my sweet, chubby little man grow over these past 12 months, I've felt so grateful for the thousands of moments that are forever embedded upon my heart.

A new milestone during the week of his birthday, Seth just started walking! Wednesday he took 6 steps and today I think we are up to 15 or so. I love watching this little person accomplish such amazing things. He is experiencing a new world from a whole new angle and I love watching the wonder on his face and the pure joy in his eyes as he makes it a little farther than yesterday.

J O Y fills my heart as I experience Motherhood for the 5th time.
Just 1 little boy brings such love, such light and such wonder into even an ordinary day.
I love you Sethy boy

Here are a few of our precious moments this past year






Tuesday, April 6, 2010

a moment in T I M E

oh sweet darling emma you've grown up so fast

on this fine Sunday afternoon, my girls danced around in their beautiful Sunday dresses and these darling umbrellas and we enjoyed the sunshine and a day on the f a r m

Easter Sunday j o y

S U N D AY was a wonderful day.
It started with the warm sunshine beating down in my sunny, country yellow kitchen.
As the kids slowly woke up one by one i watched them open their easter baskets that were lovingly placed at the foot of their beds.
w i l l, e t h a n and s e t h, then m a d d i, and last of all
e m m a
It was nice to have time with each of them and to watch them enjoy their little treasures

Then we watched General Conference, which was such a spiritual F E A S T. I have such wonderful children who all gathered around our kitchen table to listen to the Apostles and our beloved Prophet, Thomas S. Monson. There was such a special feeling in our home as we dressed in our best and gathered together to be taught and to feel the spirit.

After lunch we went outside to take a few pictures (I'll post), then we had a delicious meal that Grama Sharon and Grampa Dave and Great Aunt Carol came to enjoy with us.

here are a few pictures of our special day:

hunting for eggs

getting all the b i g cousins ready for the hunt, we had fun hiding the eggs in difficult places and even now a few days later have happened on a few that were hidden all too well

gotcha w i l l, he doesn't like the camera much these days so i have to be sneaky
an egg for m a d d i
will the monkey, getting that egg way up in the tree
these girls have so much fun together

and she's off!

miss teagan (Doug's Girlfriend) she was great to help with Seth while Brian and I ran around with all the hunters

cute 5 and under b o e h m e cousins

two little buddies e t h a n & d a r i n

i love this picture of e m m a

baskets filled
easter j o y
the 5 and under easter egg hunt
such fun when all the cousins come to the f a r m
i love e a s t e r

i got the cutest pictures of the girls in their easter dresses, i'll post soon