Friday, November 4, 2011

Mr. Wi11

The Rams Green & Gold squad ended up playing each other in the Final
Game of the last Tournament , they were pretty pumped!!
Zack Jacobs and Will Boehme ( 2nd cousins)

Mr. Will had quite the football season.
This was his first year.
He thinks he scored a total of 24 touchdowns.
It was so much fun to watch him.

Football is quite a complex game and in practices it seemed like overload at first.

But in his first game, on the first play of the game, he ran into the end zone for a touch down!! The second play of the game, he did the same thing. (Can you imagine me jumping up and down on the sidelines cheering and yelling at the top of my lungs, LOL!!!) Beginners luck right???

Well, he ended up getting 3 touchdowns in that game. He was thrilled.

Will. Loves. Football.

We spent all of September and October eating supper at 4:00pm and rushing off to Football practice and games. It was busy, but so fun to watch him find such passion in the sport!! I think it helps a little that his Dad loves it too!

Mr. Wi11 turned eleven last weekend and he celebrated this year by heading up to Calgary to a Stampeders Game with his Dad and his best friend Parks Hirsche. They had great seats, and had a blast together, just the guys.
It is hard to believe that I have an 11 year old! I remember so clearly the day he was born, the day he made me a Mommy! I can still remember those first moments as I looked into his eyes and wondered where life would take him, what gifts and talents he would develop and what our life would be like together . . . . . as a family. Will is a true leader & we are so blessed to have him as the BIG brother in our home. He works so hard and always tries to do his best. He has set the goal to read the Book of Mormon before he turns 12 and receives the Aaronic Priesthood, I am excited for him and hope he will work hard to accomplish his goal and to really come to know for himself that the Book of Mormon is true.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY WILL, we love you so much.

Here is the footage of one of his touchdowns. Will is #8. Just a WARNING, Brian forgets when he is recording that the microphone is right by his mouth!! You may want to turn down your volume on your computer while watching! Enjoy!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Yesterday was a special day!

I felt like I was on cloud 9 all day long!

Why you ask?
Well I found out the gender of this baby growing inside me. . . . . .
We've waited and wondered and as the Dr. told me it seemed like somewhere deep down I already knew, it was a sweet moment.

Brian had impressions from the start and he was right, he amazes me with how in tune he is. From the start of this pregnancy he has been so SURE about the gender, and when I was about to go in for my ultrasound and was extremely nervous because I hadn't felt baby move yet, he was so calm and he assured me NOT TO WORRY, ___ would be healthy! He knew and I love him so much for his faith, he did not doubt.

I on the other hand felt like I had to prepare my mind for both possibilities, just in case! A healthy baby is such a blessing and I didn't want to feel any disappointment one way or another.

So I too (got this idea from nienie) bought some balloons, but instead of tying them to a mailbox I stood and held them as I waited for my 4 to get off the bus. I told them in the morning to watch for me with balloons blue for boy and pink for girl. They were so excited!!

Yes, we are having a G I R L!
We feel so blessed, because with this news we know without a doubt that this sweet little daughter will be the last child to come into our family. Having that knowledge brings bitter sweet tears, but I know that it will help me rejoice in every moment of this journey!

A GIRL, it's really a girl! Now to think of the perfect name. Any suggestions?