Sunday, September 21, 2008

Home sweet Home...the land that I love!

A few pictures for our Idaho friends of Southern Alberta.

more wide open spaces

wheat field and rainbow
The Boehme farm....where we now live
The Boehme sunset
*We moved home to Lethbridge, Alberta Canada on 08.02.2008!*

We loaded up the UHAUL on Friday, Aug. 1st, and did all the cleaning in one evening. Thank you to each of you for your help with that crazy day! No one can move on their own and we felt so blessed for all the hands that helped in so many ways.

We stayed at the Campbells home overnight (thanks guys for all the memories) and then got up the next morning and were on our way by 9:00am. The trip was long and tiring, but as we crossed the border into Canada I was filled with a wonderful peaceful feeling that the timing was right and that after 5 years of being away. . .we were home to stay.

Monday, September 15, 2008


tia, I miss you

ethan misses you sydne!

i just had to take a picture of this. at the beginning of the summer WILL ran outside saying "mom, i'm planting a potato!" i didn't think much of it, but, faithfully, everyday he went outside and watered his potato. pretty soon it started to grow, it was amazing! this picture was taken the last day we were at our house loading the uhaul and cleaning. i just had to capture the tlc that went into growing such a fine potato plant. i wonder if the new owners know what a potato plant looks like???

dawn. dana. megghan. cassie....a group of very special women, dear friends

the Acors. bobby jo (I miss you)

kimm and erin, thanks for all the fun!

sydne ....miss you girl!

To all our dear friends in Idaho....we hope you know what an impact you've had in our lives. We love you and miss you all so much. The special memories we've shared are sealed in our hearts forever. WE LOVE YOU ALL, AND MISS YOU!

-July Trip to Island Park-

as we walked in fields of gold

my dear friend andrea ploehn invited our family to island park for a weekend. i was so amazed with how beautiful that country is. we had a wonderful time together and i couldn't resist stopping at this beautiful field of flowers to take pictures of the kids. they could have played in them for hours.

friends are like flowers--they make life so much sweeter.

i love you and miss you andrea. thank you for your friendship and for this wonderful memory i will always cherish of island park with you and your family.