Tuesday, April 23, 2013

i feel so blessed
look at how my babies are growing
i guess i can't really call will my baby anymore . . .  he is officially in YM and the second in command when it comes to holding the priesthood in our family.
he is such a good boy, oh how i love him.

my hannah is one.
i can't believe how fast the first year of her life went, it is kinda not fair how fast the last of the bunch grows up . . .  because life is so busy. 
she is the sunshine in my day and such joy to my heart.

mr. ethan
 such a handsome man in his bow tie . . don't you think?? i love a little boy in a bow tie.
he never ceases to amaze me with his talents and gifts.

maddison dawn
what a fine young lady she is becoming.  i have watched her tackle hard things this year and oh how she shines.   her light is growing brighter  - this light of her testimony and faith in the gospel of Jesus Christ. 
i can not believe she is just over a year away from YW . . . how did that happen?

i love her sweet pose in the picture below . . . . it is my very favorite of her!  it shows her spunk and energy and sparkle.  she just turned seven on sunday and that is very hard for me to wrap my head around.  she is my peanut, my little mini me, in my mind she is still five years old (maybe because she is so tiny still, just recently graduating to size six clothes;).   i wish time would slow down so i could take more time every day to just soak up all her happy energy. there is never enough time in the day to do all i would like to do with each child. 

oh how i love that squinty eyed smile . . . when seth smiles his eyes light up and i can see his soul.  i love it when he smiles, he lights up every day.  "oh good morning mom", "will you lay down with me, "wets pway wegos" (can you figure that one out??)  he is my little man now that he is four and tells me every day all  of the new things he can do . . .  now that he is four years old.  xoxo

a song i sang as a little girl comes to mind . . . . .

one little two
    little three little babies i can love

of all the joy, for me i'll choose no other how happy i will be
four little five   
    little six little babies in my home

i am happy


Lynn said...

Beautiful! I was singing your little song in my head, as I read. Love it. I wished I had thought of the same thing. We have 3 boys and 3 girls.

BTY - I am Brian's cousin. ; )


Thomas Family said...

Awww what a beautiful family!! Loved this post. Love you Emily - your such a good Mom and your light shines in each one of those smiles!!

Someone In Mind said...

These pictures are amazing! Boy do we still miss you guys around here!!!