Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Monday, January 28, 2008

Our Prophet Dear...on to eternal perfection!


Like so many others, my thoughts have been
reflective of the life and teachings of our dearly
beloved prophet, Presiden Gordon B. Hinckley!
Oh how I revere and love this great Man whose teachings, as the Lords Chosen Servant ,have truly blessed my life over the past 12 years. I feel like he was my guiding star, teaching, lifting and inspiring me to "do a little better, to carry on, to cherish womanhood and find nobility in motherhood, and to BE all that the Lord needed me to be! Like so many others I will miss terribly our dear Prophet and yet how can we feel sorrow when we know that he truly is home and in the presence of the Lord and his sweet Marjorie and family!
I know as each of us live the principles he taught and strive to remember his words, that his legacy of optimism, faith and charity will live on in the lives and actions of faithful members of this great church. Truly to do and become is now our challenge for our dear Prophet and friend is now with the great prophets of old...Abraham, Issac and Jacob and of course Brother Joseph whose precious Nauvoo temple he helped to re-construct in all its beauty. What a reunion that will be! I can hear them say to us now..."Courage brethren and on....on to victory!"
Thanks be to God for living prophets and the organization of the 12 Apostles for we know that all will not be lost, but the kingdom will continue to roll forward as another is chosen to step forward and lead under him, whose church this is, even our Savior, Jesus Christ!
We are so thankful for our prophet who has guided us in these latter-days.... God be with you till we meet again!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

* Angels a Shepherd and a Wiseman *

Our Nativity

A Perfect Snow on Christmas Eve

The kids had such a wonderful time
playing in the snow on Christmas Eve.
It was so beautiful and magical, the
kids made a snowman and an awesome
snow fort! I have the best husband in the
world and he is such a good Dad! There
he was out making memories in the snow
with our sweet little ones!

Nice catch my girl