Tuesday, May 17, 2011


In planning this trip for our 12th Anniversary, we loved that feeling of anticipation as we counted down the weeks until April 29th when we would depart on a 7 day, All-Inclusive, week of relaxing and soaking up the sun FOR just the two of us. The last time Brian and I got away without the kids was back in 2006 when we went to Florida with some friends.

As I was looking into different places and trying to decide what would suit us best, I just felt really good about PUERTA VALLARTA, we (particularly Brian)wanted to enjoy the Pacific side in all it's glory so we could learn to surf. I just wanted to make him happy because coming from such a LARGE family he had never been to Mexico.

We had such an incredible time, the weather was BEAUTIFUL, so hot and humid!
We were very lucky to receive a FREE upgrade to the Royal Suites of the Palladium Vallarta Resort and Spa which gave us so many free amenities, better rooms and and a private restaurant & pool that we spent most of our trip enjoying. We didn't eat much at the a la carte restaurants, they kind of scared me the first day when the food seemed like it was sitting out for too long and it didn't look very fresh. With our uprade we ate almost every night at the beautiful outdoor Punta Mita restaurant that overlooked the ocean.

Eating breakfast our last morning in Puerta Vallarta at the Punta Mita, I enjoyed Eggs Benedict, Mmmm, so delicious!

Our beach.
Ready to eat dinner! We also loved our restaurant because we didn't have to make reservations and the dress was casual, just no wet swimsuits!! Brian and I are pretty laid back and Brian forgot his Khaki's, so this suited "US" very well!!
Beautiful, comfortable beds to tan, read or just SLEEP!
Just had to capture the PURE relaxation we enjoyed every day!!

I loved the tropical breeze on these draped beds, it seemed so spa-ish to me!! Next time I WILL get a massage on the beach, I almost did it this trip, but our time ran out!
Meet Odin Meneses, our Venezuelan Surfing teacher and friend! We met him on our first day at the Resort when we had our first Surfing lesson. He was a great teacher and calmed some of my fears enough for me to really go for it. Because of our great teacher, I was surfing by the end of the week!! Brian picked it up pretty quick, like usual and we looked forward each day to hitting the surf!! We became good friends with Odin and surfed twice a day for the remainder of our trip. we love surfing!
Oh, and how can I forget the cute little lady with Odin. Her name is Flor, and they are hoping to get married next month. We miss you both, and wish you all the best!!
waiting for a wave
probably missed that one!!
So. Much. Paddling.
No one tells you how hard surfing is!! I had no idea how much strength and endurance it takes to surf for a couple hours. Probably because once you GET IT, you'd paddle forever to catch that one perfect wave!!

I am grateful that I tried to get into good physical shape before my trip or I think my attempts at surfing would have left little to be desired about the sport!!! I still got so tired, and some days got completely DESTROYED BY THE WAVES.
I realized very quickly that surfing is very technical, but if you over-think it, things get ugly fast!! By the end of the week, I started thinking less and just trying to FEEL IT! It is such an amazing feeling to stand up and ride a wave, oh, words can't even describe it!
We think we've found a new passion.
Brian was a natural and was doing some pretty fine tricks by the end, he even turned around backwards one time, so fun to watch! We wish we had hired someone to take some pictures on our last day, it was definitely our best . . . . but neither one of us was willing to give up our last chance to enjoy the SURF for a long time!!

. . . Video clips to come

Saturday, May 7, 2011

We are back from our trip
We had such an incredible time!
We met amazing people
We learned to SURF (Way to go ODIN, you were a great teacher!)
We soaked up the sun
We relaxed and just enjoyed being together
We did it all because of so many back home helping with the kids, we are so grateful for everyone who pulled together so that Brian and I could enjoy such an incredible week in Paradise!!
Happy 12th Anniversary Baby! I love you.

. . . . . More to come