Monday, September 19, 2011

it has been too long.
i must admit the summer went by too fast.
i was in that blissful first trimester of pregnancy and enjoyed lazy mornings of sleeping in and overcoming that ever present feeling of nausea.
i really can't complain.
pregnancy and me go pretty well together.

i have so many pictures to post of our times together in the summer.
soon i promise.

school days have taken over and i'm loving the scheduled life, but missing my kids.
emma is in full day kindergarten twice a week and i just really miss having her around.
although i do really enjoy napping with seth in the afternoons. bittersweet right?

so we have decided that this little miracle growing inside of me is our last. we will find out next month what we are having, but we think we already know. we are so excited. the kids are so excited.

tomorrow we are going to the drs. office together to hear the heartbeat, and by together i mean all the kids and brian. i want them to remember this. i want them to feel apart of this miracle.
i'm about 14 weeks, and into my 2nd trimester already.
it is crazy to think that i will never experience the first trimester of pregnancy again, did I say crazy, i think i meant a relief. i can definitely close the door on that one with a smile. there will be others that won't be quite so easy.

but for now i am trying to enjoy all the changes, even if my pants don't fit comfortably anymore!!