Monday, January 18, 2010


We usually go out on a date, just the two of us, on F R I D A Y S
But we thought it would be fun to have a family date. I did the girls hair and asked them all to dress up a little. A few responses were "Why, it isn't Sunday?" I reminded them that when I go out with Daddy I try to make it special by dressing a little nicer and taking the time to look my best. The girls were all for it, I even got suckered in to letting them wear a little
l i p s t i c k
We ate out at the K E G
We had a really pleasant evening together. I prepped the kids before hand reminding them of good manners and told them that the best compliment I could get would be to have a total stranger comment on how well behaved my children were, to see the good that I see every day, not just "W O W 5 kids." ( We know what the wow means)

To my astonishment as we were leaving a nice couple that was seated right beside us said, "Wow what well behaved children, and 5 of them!" I saw the smiles this created on my children's faces.

I love the look on Emma's face in this picture, oh, and Ethan's

Last Sunday before all the S N O W melted we thought we should create our own snowman. Brian was at meetings and we had so much fun together

"The family that plays together stays together"
(I know that is not the original quote but I really think it is true as well)


Brian gave me some M A C makeup for Christmas
This is a new technique called C A N D L E L I G H T

I thought it was a really fun look. What do you think?
loving the sephora liquid liner too


Just cherishing. . .
the look you give me when you wake up and want only me!
the sweet little giggles
when you learn something new, to clap or to wave
the sweetness that is YOU
( Sorry it's a bit grainy)


Just remembering ....
the sweet smell of newborns
the softness of your skin
the newness of your spirit
your innocence and purity