Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Some HoLiDaY Highlights!

Acting out the N a t i v i t y is always a highlight of our Christmas Traditions. Emma was such a sweet Mary and Ki, the perfect Joseph. If your wondering, Maddison was a sheep. We loved getting together with my family and missed so much our Colorado cousins and Aunts and Uncles. Some day soon we will all be together for Christmas.

PJ the Elf always brings a surprise and this year he brought each of the children
Thanks PJ!

Maddison sang several cute songs at her Christmas concert.
This one was called the Teddy Bear Twist, isn't she cute! She sang her heart out.

Our Christmas traditions wouldn't be complete without making G I N G E R B R E A D houses. They all turned out so cute. It was perfect that Jordan and Doug and his girlfriend came over to help the kids, we definitely didn't have enough hands to help them all.

Christmas was wonderful this year.
It is so fun to be S A N T A
I love the excitement in sleepy eyes as they see what Santa has left for them under the tree.
Emma was so precious this year as she stumbled out of bed and into the living room, her expression was pricless!
We made sure to drag it out as long as possible and weren't finished opening gifts until after lunch on Christmas day. (More pictures to come)

Will's Christmas concert was a lot of fun to behold!!
In this number he is singing a song called Elvis Elf!

Every year I bake gingerbread men for the tree. It has become one of our families greatest traditions to see how many WHOLE gingerbread men we have left at the end of the year! I thought this years boys and girls turned out especially cute with their little candy cane hearts and buttons. With our real Christmas tree and these spicy creations our house was filled with the wonderful smells of Christmas for the whole month of DECEMBER. All who entered commented on how good it smelled!

Ethan was the star of his Christmas concert with amazing dance moves that wowed us all! He didn't hold anything back as he did what he calls the "skadoosh dance" (use your imagination) One of the teachers told me "Ethan is quite the dancer, you should have seen him earlier today, it was borderline obscene!" I am sure she doesn't quite know Kung Fu panda like we do and obviously has her mind in the gutter, he is 5!
Anyway he was adorable and we promise to upload the video clip.
So stay tuned.

In my spare time (amazingly I found some) before the holidays hit, I finished this quilt for my brother Joel and sister in law Regan's new baby boy A N D E R S O N. I thought it turned out beautiful. I hope it is wrapped lovingly around that sweet boy like I wish my arms could be. I still haven't seen him yet, but I hope to soon!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Behold your little ones!

children truly make Christmas magical.....

last night Emma couldn't sleep. . . . .
"I had a yong nap Mom, " she says to me, looking at me up through those big, deep blue eyes. What is a Mom to do? Enforce bedtime or take an opportunity to cuddle, snuggle and get cozy on the couch by the light of the Christmas tree with a darling little 3 year old who won't be 3 much longer. I love those precious moments of motherhood that you just wish would last for eternity......maybe they will? In my Mother HEART, the spirit whispers THEY WILL, millions of moments will be ours for all eternity if we endure to the end and live with
J O Y!

merry christmas Mothers!