Thursday, November 20, 2008

Milestone for Emma!

Oh how I love this sweet little girl. She brings so much sunshine into my life! Emma recently reached a big milestone for a 2 year old! SHE IS A BIG GIRL NOW! That's right, this pretty little girl who talks a mile a minutes is out of diapers and staying dry every day! We worked hard at it for about 2 weeks, with not many hopefull moments. I wondered if she'd ever be ready.....but out of the blue one day, she just decided that she wanted to use the toilet and she has been dry ever since.
As I look at these sweet pictures of Emma taken by my talented sister Jenny I feel so blessed to have the chance to be Emma's mother. She loves life and helps me to see every day through the eyes of an angel. Emma loves to sing, from the time she was talking she could be found singing in her crib. Emma loves to dance and play dress up, she is the perfect princess! Emma loves to talk, talk, talk, talk, talk and I love to hear all the adorable things she has to say....mostly! I love this girl and just felt I needed to dedicate this post to her, my sweet EMMA!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

# 5 boy or girl?

SO. . .many of you out there already know our good news about bAbY#5!

I feel badly that I haven't dedicated a post yet to this new life growing inside of me! I think sometimes life just takes over and things get so busy! For all who are wondering, we are finally getting settled here in Lethbridge. We love this beautiful City and look forward to raising our family here close to grandparents, cousins and Aunts and Uncles.

We found out we were pregnant right before our big move from Idaho and so we shared with dear friends there VERY EARLY.....our good news! Some would call me crazy, but I wanted to tell them in person and see the excitment in their eyes. How I miss my dear friends from Idaho! So to say that our move was exhausting is kind of an understatment because I was also pregnant and not feeling 100%!

But as things have settled down here, and we got the TWIN scare out of the way, I have loved all the changes that come with pregnancy! About a month ago I started feeling movement and it makes me feel so excited to meet this little one preparing to join our growing ARMY! I truly feel blessed to have the privilege of bearing children, they truly are the joy of my life. I also am so blessed to have the most wonderful husband who is always asking..."What do you need, what can I do, how are you feeling?" He is so considerate and kind and I feel so blessed to be married to such a good man!

When I had my first ultrasound a few weeks ago I got so emotional when I saw this little baby, as healthy as can be, wiggling around, sucking his/her fingers and so very alive inside me! A tear trickled down my cheek as I truly felt blessed for this great thing in our lives....another child to love and care for. I am sure I also shed a tear of joy because there was only ONE baby, no twins for me! The ultrasound confirmed that my dates were a little bit off and the technician said that the DR would probably bump my due date up a little...which is always good news. So they changed my due date from the 10th of April to the 1st! Of course I am speculating then that I could maybe have the baby the end of March sometime....but I have learned that wishing and hoping don't amount to much when you are 2 days away from your due date! That is the closest I have got to a due date so time will tell!

So I am once again trying to get used to pants that never stay up, bras that never quite fit, skin that is itchy, sore achy joints, restless nights and of course the frequent, long walks to the bathroom (where we are living now the bathroom is at the other end of a very big basement!) . But through it all I feel blessed. I love the little voices trying to talk to the newbaby, little hands wanting to touch my belly, waiting patiently for those little hands to feel a kick or sensation of life.

. . .So here we go again, just as I've got my sweet little Emma potty trained.....bring on the diapers and sleepless nights cause I'm having BABY # 5 and ready to do it all, all over again!

Oh and just for the record....this one is going to be a SURPRISE, we didn't find out if it is a boy or a girl! Ethan thinks it is all pretty "matter of fact" that it will be a BOY because of our order! What do you think?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A few more HALLOWEEN Favorites!

I love this picture of BEAU!

Anneliese, Erika and Seraphina!

the crew

ethan with his "balloon bottom" stuck in his chair....he thought this was pretty creative!

If not for the stealthy cat always on the move, this would have been the perfect Trick or Treating shot at dusk!!!

Halloween FUN!

Halloween was so much fun this year, the weather was amazing and the kids all had a "sPookTaCulaR" night! We had a few school Halloween parties early in the day and then we went to our Ward TRUNK OR TREAT! The kids got tons of candy and I didn't hear one of them complain that they were was just perfect! Emma thought it was pretty awesome that all she had to say was TRICK OR TREAT and she'd get endless amounts of candy! By the time we reached our van her bucket was so heavy she was dragging it on the ground! I offered to help her carry it, but she gladly carried her load on her own!
Here they are:
maddi- Princess ANNELIESE

emma very happy and protecting her loot!

our pumpkin carving tradition continues.....

so much fun together!
and here is Princess Anneliese and Erika.....the two singing beauties!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I have an 8 year old!!!!

It is hard to believe that my oldest son just turned 8! It really does seem like yesterday that we were anticipating the birth of our first child. Will is such a special boy and it has brought us so much joy to watch him grow and develop into such a fine young man! Will loves to help with anything around the house and I have really started to rely on him for his help, he is also the best big brother!
I have watched him these past few months as we have tried to teach him much about baptism, this step that he will be taking this month to follow his Savior, Jesus Christ. I am amazed with how he loves the scriptures and can memorize the articles of faith so easily. I look forward to watching how his faith and testimony will grow as he continues to learn about the gospel of Jesus Christ. WE LOVE YOU Will Scott Boehme and are so blessed to have you as our son!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY great to be 8!

My handsome 8 year old!

A big "Tackle hug" for Uncle Josh

Auntie Jenny tied Will up in his streamers, there is always fun when she is around!
The crew eating ice cream sandwich cake and having a blast together.
Big thanks to Jenny and Josh for opening their home to us on October 28th, Will's actual birthday! The kids had so much fun being together and celebrating Will's birthday and I couldn't have done it without Jenny and Josh. They even watched the kids for an hour so we could have some much needed one on one time with Will on his special day! I love my sister, she is such a wonderful host and always up for a PARTY! Thanks Jenny and Josh, we love you guys!