Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Ethan's Birthday Party!

Welcome all "Little Einstein's!"

We headed up to Canada on the 18th of July to be there for Scott (Brian's brother) and Melissa's wedding on the 20th. IT was a very busy weekend! We had Ethan's birthday party on the 19th with all his little cousin's at the farm...and of course I forgot my camera in Idaho, so I had to rely on other family members to take pictures for me! We celebrated the "Little Einstein" way with a ROCKET cake and fun activities with musical instruments and a parachute! The little kids and the girl cousins really got into it...but the big boys had better things to do! It was a beautiful summer day and we played outside with water balloons and had cake and icecream and opened gifts! Ethan was so excited to have all the fuss be about him on his special day! Here are a few pictures of the fun filled day! We love you Ethan, you are such a special boy and getting so big! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!