Monday, April 23, 2007

Sunday Best

Not a bad picture, it is hard to believe that they are holding relatively still!

Just look at Ethan's expression and if you haven't been able to get a taste of his this picture it is completely captivated in that look! What a cutie pie.....and not a bad family picture if I dare say so myself!

Our little not so little anymore!

Emma has been walking now for over a month, she loves to be able to keep up to her big brothers and sister!

...more of Emma's 1st Birthday

Pretty little girl

happy Emma!

Emma enjoyed her's proof!

Emma with Aunt Shauna ready to get that CAKE!

Its always nice when the gift is a hit....Emma loved her glow worm.

Emma's First Birthday

We had a Spring theme for her birthday party....I thought the strawberry cake turned out really cute and the flower cupcakes were a hit with the kids, they loved the lollipop!
Fun to decorate.....though it is very unlikely Emma noticed! Will trying to hold Emma back from the cake until the camera's were ready!
Our sweet little girl.....she is such a joy to have in our home!

Idaho Falls ZOO

Looking at the chickens.....Maddi even spotted a egg!

Feeding the goats with Uncle Scotty

Ethan the animal lover!

EMMA loving every moment with Grama and Grampa!

Jenny bought Emma some little squeaker shoes for her birthday and so all Emma wanted to do at the Zoo was walk, no stroller riding for her!

It was a beautiful day to go to the zoo!

Easter 2007

Ethan found some eggs!

Emma looking cute and of course with her mouth wide open!
Ethan, Beau and Will....with their treats
What a beautiful day for a Easter Egg hunt!

My sister Jenny, my Mom and I and all the kids enjoyed a FUN easter hunt together!
A visit from Grama and Grampa Baker as they traveled back from Arizona was a special treat. My children are so blessed to have Great Grandparents! We love you Grama and Grampa!

Our little Ethan playing Cowboy!

Good Morning Emma! She is such a cheerful little girl in the mornings I just had to snap this shot!

Maybe she is smiling cause Spring is here, I know I sure am! Time for playing outside, picnic's at the park and jumping on the trampoline!

Maddi and Will had the chance around Easter time to meet their little cousins Tyson and Jackson! Jenny and Josh came down with the kids as well as Grama Sharon and Grampa Dave for Easter weekend! We had a wonderful time together! I loved meeting and holding these little boys, they are so darling and as you can see Maddi and Will loved to help and hold them whenever they had the chance!