Sunday, March 13, 2011

Mmmmmm! Sunday's!!!

i love the sabbath.

i feel like it is the 1 day out of 7 that i can truly slow down and ponder things of eternity.
as i ponder the contribution that is mine to give.

i feel grateful to be me! to be a mother to 5 special souls.
i am so blessed to have a knowledge of the restored gospel.

i love attending church and feeling inspired to do better, recommitting myself to promises i have made with the Lord.

i love the peace and affirmation that comes to my heart that everything i am investing in my home & with my children and husband is pleasing to the Lord.
that i am imperfect, but that somehow what i offer each day is enough.

i love inspiring, beautiful music with words that fill my soul with
& hope

i love spending time, with my children.
( a SUN DAY at the park back in Sept. of 2010)
sundays are my favorite day.
i'm ready for another week.