Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Daughter of a King

If a daughter of a king, then also a


i believe it.
just looking into this sweet little girls face my heart is about to burst.

i love her.
i am so blessed to be her mother.
i want her to always remember who she is.
a princess.
a daughter of royal birth.

i watched her follow her KING this past weekend.
my little girl, our princess,
chose to be baptized a member of the
she was washed clean and pure.
she was blessed by her Heavenly King through priesthood power,
with a precious gift.
the gift of the holy ghost.

i love this special little princess.
she is such a fine young lady.
so kind, and fun-spirited, so active and strong.
she loves deeply and i am so blessed to be her mother.

i know she was ready to be baptized.
i know she made the decision for herself.
she is growing a testimony of Jesus Christ,
and i am so proud of her decision to follow

and her KING!

Friday, July 23, 2010


We started summer off with a bang! It was so much fun to be at Echo Lake with Brian's family. I made this cake to celebrate CANADA DAY! Even though we were in the states we sang our Anthem and set off a bunch of firecrackers! Will was really into it this year, which of course makes a Mother very nervous. No major damage done, except for a few sore fingers (minor burns).

I love everything about living in CANADA, my "True North Strong and Free!" I feel that our time in the United States taught us much and I have my dear friends to thank for their fine examples of patriotism. So many times I was amazed at the respect and love that Americans have for their country. I love that I have two little Americans in my home, the 4th brings back many memories of our time in the US with such wonderful people.

Here are a few pictures of our fun week at the Lake and all that we did together.
to name a few:
we caught turtles
played games
ate a lot of junk!!!
went shopping
ate ice cream (every night)
went waterskiing, kneeboarding and tubing
jumped on the trampoline
filled water balloons
set off firecrackers
visited with family
read stories
made memories .....we love echo lake!