Saturday, November 28, 2009

the best day with you

i just have to say

today was a good day

i love saturdays.

designer waffles made with love by my good man
(how you my ask, by turning plain old waffles into little masterpieces, princesses, horses, swords and diamonds)

we worked around the house


it snowed!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Happy Halloween

We had a wonderful Halloween.
I loved that it was on a Saturday this year. It seemed like we had so much time to do make-up and get the costumes just right. We live in the country so we didn't do the traditional trick or treating, instead we got together at the church and enjoyed a "WINDY" trunk or treat!

Here are the kids costumes.
Isn't Will a scary Vampire?

I thought Emma was such a pretty "Good Witch!" She loved every minute of getting her makeup done. This little girl is so full of life and energy and she is growing and changing so much these days. I love every minute with her.
For those of you who have little girls and haven't seen BARBIE and the 3 Musketeers, you just have to see it. Maddi wanted to be Barbie, the Musketeer. We had so much fun doing Barbie style makeup and hair. Maddi is doing piano and ballet and jazz with her Aunt, Miss Melissa's School of Dance. She is keeping quite busy and loving school and the joys of reading. I can't believe that she will be baptized in less than a year. Daughters are such a blessing and fill life with such joy!
This costume just suited Ethan's personality so well. He dressed up in it every day for a week before Halloween. I will post another picture of him pulling a bunny out of his hat, it is quite the trick! Ethan has started Kindergarten this year and is loving every minute of it. He has started reading and is such a smart little man. More than that he loves life and every day with him is a gift. I love my little "gamer" man, or should I say my little E-Man!
Will wanted to be a Vampire for Halloween and I loved that he wanted me to do his makeup so that he could really look the part. He was such a good sport and had a lot of fun with those fake fangs! He loved running around with his friends, several of whom were also Vampires!

Now we are just trying to keep the candy intake down so that we can stay healthy and avoid all the sickness that is going around. WE HOPE YOU ALL HAD A FABULOUSLY FRIGHTFUL HALLOWEEN!