Friday, October 2, 2009

A special day for a SPECIAL GiRl!

She sure enjoyed the Party!

Can't believe she is

I love this sweet little lady.
Lately she has really grown up. She is such a great help for me with Seth. I love watching her play and giggle with him, she truly is a little ray of sunshine in my life.
My girl loves to DANCE and SING and play with her brothers and sisters. She is so caring and kind and makes friends easily, she loves all animals and BUGS! She has started loosing her teeth, and it is so fun to see that toothless grin. I LOVE YOU MADDI DAWN! I

My 5 Year old!

Summer Birthdays are so much fun.
We decided to have a joint birthday for Ethan and Maddison. They both invited lots of friends and family and we had a blast swimming, slip n' sliding and eating cotton candy. It was a magical day.

Ethan really loved having a few friends from preschool and of course cousin Beau and Karl

Blowing out the candles


It seems that lately things have been so busy with my little family that I have to choose very carefully what I spend my time on, obviously blogging hasn't been the top priority. I've been so busy with our garden this year.
preserving all these wonderful fruits and veggies is so much work, and yet as I see my food storage grow and my shelves fill with wonderful, delicious, healthy food.......
it just makes me smile
Here is taste of what I've been up to:
canning beans, dill pickles, chokecherry syrup, raspberry and strawberry jam, peaches and pears, SALSA, relish, tomatoes, apple sauce
blanching beans, peas, squash, zuccini and peppers,
making fruit leather

Here are some shots of summer fun, its hard to believe Winter is around the corner!