Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I got Emma all dressed up for the 4th, she looked so cute in her red, white and blue!

Look at our little gardener!

Dirt is fun!
I love you, sweet Emma!
Two little budds, playing in the dirt!

GO DIEGO Party for Ethan and Maddi!

We decided to do a combined party for Maddi and Ethan this year on Ethan's birthday JULY 19th! I was at Girls Camp for Maddi's birthday and so I tried to make all the games, decorations and cake extra fun! Ethan and Maddi invited a few friends each and we had ton of fun. had some really fun DIEGO crafts, including these Baby Jaguar masks! The kids loved them!
Here is the cake!
We played a cute game with these masks on where the children were paired up, blindfolded and they had to spin in a circle and then find their partner by touching people asking them to "Roar Jaguar roar!" The object of the game was to find their baby/mother by listening to the voice of the person touched and guessing right! Confusing I am sure, but it was a blast!
The kids at the part. We missed all those who couldn't come! Summer is a busy time, and we missed you!