Thursday, January 27, 2011

Christmas Memories - Part 1

Our Christmas was filled with w o n d e r!
*we decorated and baked gingerbread men for our beautiful Christmas tree. It smelled so good at our house . . . i love the smells of Christmas.
*we skated on the pond and played hockey (a definite favorite for Will)
even Emma started skating this year
*we made gingerbread houses with the Peterson family, we had so much fun together.
*we went to the most darling Christmas concert I have EVER seen (and I've seen a few in my day), it was called Slap Shot Santa!
*we had time with family and extended family, to re-connect and just be together!

It seems that Christmas came and went so fast this year. I can hardly believe that January is almost over. Life is so busy, I am not the blogger I would like to be. I wish I could give it more time, but for right now I feel like many of the ESSENTIAL things in my life take precedence.

My Essential just means those things that are essential for my SALVATION. It seems that is what my focus has been this year, not a list of resolutions to keep, but a desire to keep a better balance in my life of the things that are:

The inspiration came from listening to a this talk on BYU TV by JULIE B. BECK.
I love her
I needed to hear her words
She is my hero! I desire to be a women of faith like her, even a LIONESS AT THE GATE!
Listen to it, you will be strengthened and better for it.