Saturday, December 8, 2007

O Christmas Tree!

Our Finished Tree!

Making Gingerbread!

We got our tree on Saturday, December 1st and got the lights up Sunday! So Monday rolled around and it was time to get baking! Every year since our kids were little we decided our Christmas tree would be a "kids tree" adorned with all things sweet smelling and delicious! So the baking began! It was so much fun to get the kids involved and Will became quite the efficient little gingerbread maker! Ethan and Maddi worked away at their little stations producing plump little gingerbread men, stars and hearts! And Emma....well lets just say she had enough dough pressed into her shirt and clothes to look like a little gingerbread girl!

The house smelled so wonderful after we made our mess and we let the kids stay up extra late so they could string them up and at least hang a few! do these sweet smelling, delicious decorations last through the season with 4 small children, you ask???? The fun part is that they don't, but it is always fun as Christmas gets closer to see how many are missing arms, legs, even heads!!!! We find it quite hilarious because every year the kids get sneakier! Emma has already been busted, hiding behind the tree, crouched in the corner devouring one of our gingerbread boys! I just tell her to put it back on the tree knowing full well it is far from the last "Tiny Tim" to be found on our Christmas Tree!!!

Finding that PERFECT TREE!

Emma's reaction to the snow falling on her nose!
Then it just got cold!
Getting bundled and ready to go!
This boy loves the snow!
Making a snow angel!

We decided to go and cut down our very first Christmas Tree this year! With our good friends Bart and Dana Brown and their kids we devised a plan, and went and purchased our permits, $5 for up to a 12ft. tree! Then we headed out towards the Kelly Canyon Ski Resort to start shopping! As we got closer the snow started coming down in big beautiful flakes. PERFECT! It was cold, but we were bundled from head to toe and our spirits were high! Our first stop was where the video was taken and unfortunately we didn't find a tree there....too "Charly Brownish!" So we kept on going up the mountain, eventually we had to pile in the Browns suburban which was a party! We finally realized that we just needed to pick one and cut it down cause we probably could have kept looking for bigger and better all day! Right Dana? I think it was Brian's idea to pick a small mountain to climb to find our tree.....and so the climb began. It truly was a Winter Wonderland....the snow made it so much fun, we had snowball fights on our way up. I actually climbed to the top of the Mountain and the trees somehow all started looking really good at this point. We made our pick and started the slide down.....we were glad it wasn't uphill anymore! What fun we had together making terrific Christmas memories with such dear friends! We ended the day with Wendy's and a trip to SAMS, what a day to remember!

Our Adventures getting a Christmas Tree!

Ethan with help from his Dad became the

HUMAN SLED...and he loved every minute

of it!

Friday, December 7, 2007


So yesterday was an interesting day! Busy as usual as I was frantically trying to get all our Christmas cards and packages off so they would arrive before Christmas day! Can you believe the price of a stamp! I think it has gone up over $.05 since we moved to Idaho! So the day was almost over and I decided to go and play some basketball and as I was backing out of my driveway......CRUNCH! Oh ya, I hit a parked car! As I started to feel sick to my stomach I thought I hope it is just our other car! But no, to my dismay it was our neighbors car! I soon found out it was a friend of the neighbor visiting for Christmas and I gave them a nice Christmas STAMP don't you think!!! AHHHHH! The perfect thing right now to worry about when it seems that there are endless gifts to buy and the money is running out! I hope this all works itself out! I guess I am kind of praying for a miracle.....maybe in the morning I will wake up and realize it was all a bad dream!

Nope the damage is still done! Ba Humbug!