Thursday, March 27, 2008

Oh Beautiful Day!
Sunday is my favorite day of the week!

Going to church, writing letters, singing around the piano, studying, feasting on delicous food, and just being together. Life can't get much better than that!
~my little darlings on E A S T E R Sunday~


Easter Egg Hunt!

Gene and Lorraine!

Such a treat to have them stay a week with us before they traveled the rest of the way home to Canada! What joy fills our heart so have you home with us! WE know you've given so much to the people in Nauvoo and your lives will be forever blessed. To have you back in our midst is a great blessing in our lives! Thanks for all your help with the house too!

Our great Egg Rolling ADVENTURE!

We love you Dad! So good to have you home!

Mom we love you and feel so lucky to have had some special one-on-one time with you! Thanks for the memories!

Ethan and his Easter egg that "Eggsploded!"....sorry!
GOOD-BYE is the saddest word!

Kael and Ethan were such good friends and they played so well together

Ahhhh! Best Buds!

Our goodbyes were hard but I am so grateful for a sisters love that fills my heart no matter how far apart we are! I love you Sarah

A snapshot of Ethan and Emma on the airplane!
Ethan was in heaven!
Our Trip to COLORADO!

Thanks for such an awesome time Sarah and Scott!
We love you

Playing with cousins!

I loved spending time with Sarah's boys, Karson and Kael. We had so much fun togther!

Me and my twin! Jokes, although everywhere we went we were asked if we were twins! I love you Sarah, thanks for all the fun, relaxing, shopping, swimming, reminiscing and making lasting memories together!

I love you Sarah! Thanks to you both for such a wonderful week spent together. Scotti you are awesome and I admire you and thank you for this time together and the sacrifices you made to allow Sarah and I to spend so much time together! You are a great Dad and provider for your family, they are so lucky to have you!

Monday, March 17, 2008


So for all of you who are wondering if it is just rumor that we are moving home to Canada this summer......well here is a little proof!
Our house is FOR SALE! We put it up for sale about a week ago and have already had a few interested buyers contacting our realtor. We are so excited for this move home to Lethbridge and hope that everything goes smoothly with the sale and moving! Hopefully not too soon or I guess we'll be renting for a few months until the kids finish school! We have loved, loved, loved this little house, our first home where we've made lots of wonderful memories.....but Canada and family here we come! YIPPEEEE!

Catching up!

Just look at that sweet little man! This shot really captures his personality! I love you Mr. Giggles!

Maddi and Will are such good friends, which means they play hard and fight hard too! This is a great shot of all Will's teeth he has been losing and the new "honkers" coming in! He is growing up so fast, I can hardly believe that this year he will be 8!

Emma has a blanket obsession and in order for her to fall asleep she has to be sucking on the fringe of this blanket I made her! One day I found her sleeping like this, she obviously couldn't get her blanket through the crib in time before she started to doze! Don't worry I didn't leave her there, just long enough for a good picture!

I am really behind in my posts but I just thought I would thank my wonderful parents for coming down to stay with us for a weekend in January. My children adore their grandparents and this special time to reconnect and just be together. We had the wonderful privilege of going through the Rexburg, Idaho temple Open House! This was a cherished time together in such a beautiful temple! I will never forget walking through with my 4 wide eyed children filled with reverence for the sacred house of the Lord. This experience has given new meaning to the song "I love to see the temple." For they truly did see! Now I pray that they will "go inside some day" for themselves and receive all the promised blessings that await them!

This is Brian's 33rd birthday party. It fell on Chinese New Year so we ordered Chinese and the kids and I made some festive Chinese lanterns for decorations. I am so lucky to be married to such a wonderful husband, my best friend and the best Dad in the world.
"Grow old with me....the best is yet to be!"