Thursday, October 28, 2010

Double Digit Birthday

It is hard to believe that 10 years ago today I was in labor with my first child. That was the longest couple of days of my life!! But I remember as if it were yesterday. My sweet beautiful little baby boy being placed in my arms, with all his thick messy black hair, beautiful eyes, perfect fingers and toes, and in a single moment I became a Mother.
October 28th, 2000 at 10:10 p.m, my life was forever changed by a journey of work, sweat, tears and joy.
And before I could say ...
READY .......SET .........GO!
. . . . here we are 10 years later. (just before a race on track and field day last year)

I love you Will Scott, you are the best big brother!

a good friend

thoughtful, kind and tender-hearted.

full of energy and motivation, passion and intensity!

what joy it brings to watch you make right decisions and develop your fire of faith and testimony.
you are such a talented boy, no matter what you do in school, sports or your music you excel and love a challenge to learn new things and develop new skills.
what a awesome journey these past 10 years have been
what will the next 10 years hold??? Hmmmm. . . . .
middle school
young mens
ordinations in the priesthood of God
the BIG change. Yikes!
temple baptisms
curfew (oh boy!)

a mission!

We love you Will Scott, you are such a blessing to your Dad and I. We are so proud of you and hope you will always remember today as we look forward together to all that is good that's coming in the next 10 years. (We are taking Will out on his "SPECIAL" dinner date with Mom and Dad tonight, hope the big talk goes well, we know it's the right time but I'm still anxious.)

Monday, October 25, 2010

Labor Day Echo Fun

We went down to Echo for the long weekend in September and had such a great weekend. The weather was tolerable and the kids had such a great time with their Boehme cousins. So many memories have been made at Echo Lake, it is a favorite spot for our family vacations together.

Mud pie anyone?

Emma and Allie
Julia, Rebekah, Katie and Maddison
Just look at the air on that jump! Will loves to knee board with his cousins. He is really getting good and trying all sorts of new tricks.

Almost making the grab for a 360! Way to go Will!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

CAN I just say. . . .
Canning can really make me not want to EVER can another thing again. . . . of course until I walk into my storage room, and see all that I have canned. I just have to stop and admire every can, the beautiful colors, and a great feeling of accomplishment (I CAN!) that washes over me!. Can it really be 12:08 am. I am not canning right now, but I confess that a full canner is boiling on the stove almost finished processing. I CAN NOT believe I am blogging about this. I just thought it was really canny how many times you can say the word CAN in a sentence. It is late. I really, really need to stop typing.
I hope you CAN check my blog soon, because I just might CAN this post tomorrow. Seriously. What has come over me?


Thursday, October 14, 2010

First Day of School - A month late!!!

Back to School time is so much fun.
new school supplies
new clothes
new shoes

As I look at these children of mine it is hard to believe that they are so. . . . . so, BIG! Every year brings growth and change and I feel so blessed to be part of the journey, each one is so different, so special, so loved.

I am really looking forward to a slower pace. We are truly following the Prophet by simplifying our schedule so that we can spend more time together. I have loved this so far, some nights we just bake cookies, or we play at parks or on the trampoline, sometimes we read and read until bedtime! It was tougher than I thought it would be to say NO to all the EXTRA activities but it has been the best choice I have made, for my family, in our situation. We have more time together as a family.

This year we also followed through with some activities that our free time allowed. Like Brian and Scott hosting a Football Day Camp. What a success that was!! They had about 16 boys come and they ran drills and had the boys enjoying themselves so much they hardly had time for a scrimmage at the end. (now that is good coaching!)

Our meal times have been very pleasant because we aren't stuffing our faces to rush of to the next lesson or activity. Will is taking piano from Karen Wetterstrand and Maddison and Ethan are taking from Grandma Boehme. I know Maddi and Ethan have loved this one on one lesson with their Grandma!
Life is good, and I feel blessed!

Here are the photos from our BACK TO SCHOOL photo shoot!!
All the children are attending SUNNYSIDE SCHOOL again this year. We love this little country school, great teachers, great kids, everyone knows everyone!

Will is in GRADE 4 this year (he loves his teacher Mr. Ken Van Cleave)
Maddison is in GRADE 3 (Mrs. Bev. Smith)
Ethan has started GRADE 1 (Mrs. Jill McIntyre)
It was a beautiful crisp September morning.

They had a bad case of the giggles. Maybe it is excitement or nerves, but my kids are always giggly like this on the first day of school.

An Ethan sandwich!
It is hard to believe my little Ethan is starting Grade 1.
It seems like such a big milestone. They start Grade 1 and then they just grow up so fast. I love this sweet, tender, smart, little boy.

I love you Ethan boy!
pretty Maddi
Just before school started Maddison got her ears pierced. She got a terrible ear infection and went through quite a bit to get it under control. I was proud of her, the way she became so regimented in cleaning and turning and disinfecting them every morning and night. I love this goofy, sweet, girly-girl of mine.
Is it just me or does will look like a pre-teen in this picture?Ahhhh! He will be turning 10 in a few weeks and I can't believe he'll be in the double digits!! He is such a good, helpful, responsible boy. I love watching him develop his talents and grow in the gospel. He is such a good big brother.
Diesel came and sat right beside Will for this picture. I thought it was so cute. A dog is truly a a little boy's best friend.