Monday, June 21, 2010

Faces of Father

Fathers are the greatest friends. I am so grateful to my Father, for the friendship that we have. So many times in my youth, his encouraging words, simple hugs and confidence in me gave me strength. I love you Dad. Your love helped me come to feel and better understand the perfect love of my Heavenly Father, giving my life purpose, direction and joy.

I am a lucky girl to be married to such a good hearted, simple, strong, faithful, committed MAN. He is the reason we have a large family. A real tribute to him was recently, as he managed to coach both Ethan and Will's soccer teams while working full time, it was a real juggling act some days, but he always had a smile for those kids, always an encouraging word . . . AND HE IS LOVED FOR IT. Many of the parents were heard saying "Everyone says our kids have the BEST COACH!" Brian has a way with children to make them feel empowered, like they can do anything they put their minds to, he makes each one feel special(aren't my kids the luckiest). After the last game, many of the parents approached me privately and asked me to personally thank Brian for helping their child have fun and become more confident in themselves.

I love so many things about this Good Man in my life. He truly is my best friend. I can talk to him about anything, and he grounds me and helps me to see the positive and to look for the good around me.

I love these pictures. As I look at each one I see the many FACES of a Father. I love you Mr. Boehme.

Thursday, June 17, 2010