Friday, October 26, 2012

forever changed.

this summer i discovered instagram . . . . .

this discovery,  combined with a new baby and 5 other children to take care of is what i blame my lack of blogging on!!
as i've looked back through these amazing pictures captured on my phone using this fun app . . . i just had to post them here again, for i am in love with so many of them!!

oh how i love these days with my busy family, all the memories we've made.

with that being said - i don't feel like i am doing anything particularly well
but . . .
the other day as i was dancing with my children in my kitchen and we were laughing and just enjoying being together a though hit me . . . .

it doesn't matter all the things i am unable to start or finish or whatever.
. . .what matters is the time i spend with each child.
i truly cherish each one, they are so different and special.

how could i have ever imagined 12 years ago this Sunday, when i gave birth to my first baby, a little boy, how this journey of motherhood would change me.
for i am changed forever.