Thursday, October 27, 2011

All a Memory - But One We Will NEVER Forget

Something pretty spectacular happened in June!
It is definitely worth mentioning, even these months later!!
A very special person, accomplished something EXTRAORDINARY!!

Some of the crew ready for the hike up Bears Hump!

Brian's Grandma turned 90 years old and to celebrate she wanted to climb a

She is an amazing woman, who is always serving and we wanted to support her. But as the day approached the weather did not seem like it was going to cooperate. Many family members decided it would not be wise to climb a mountain with little children, let alone a 90 year old woman in a Spring down pour!! We were one of those families that were very nervous to make the climb. But Grandma was determined. She was going and no matter what was said to deter her, nothing would stop her from reaching her goal. Now, I have faith, but we needed the kind of faith that would get us on the road early Saturday morning despite the rains and wind that already prevailed!! We asked the kids what they thought we should do. The faith of a child is truly a remarkable thing. We set off for Waterton Lake and half way there it seemed all our prayers were working. But as we drove through Mountain View, the sky did not look good. Over the mountains the clouds were thick and dark and then the heavy rain started. My faith was waivering, even our children wondered if their prayers and Grandma's would be answered. But we knew we had come much to far to turn our backs now. As we entered the park the rain slowed, but in my mind I kept thinking of the trail and how wet and slick and muddy it would be.
As we reached the trail head, we saw the families who had also braved the weather to support Grama, there were more than I thought and we were excited. The wind seemed to have calmed and as we approached the trial, out of curiosity to see what kind of conditions we would have to hike in, to my utter astonishment THE TRAIL WAS DRY!

Moral of the Story: When a faithful woman sets out to do something and asks the Lord for help, follow her, He will keep his promises!!

Here is the birthday girl, ready to hike!!

The view of beautiful Waterton Lake and Town Site!
Can you tell that the sun was shinning??

We all reached the top before Grandma did, and so we were waiting for her as she finished her climb. As she reached the summit and came into view, literally the clouds parted and the sun came out. We sang her happy birthday as she reached her family and loved ones. It was a beautiful experience to share with my children. I am so grateful for those who have gone before, who have lived lives of such faith and devotion. How could the Lord NOT grant her the very desire of her heart and control the elements for such a faithful elect lady!!

My little cutie's. I just love this picture, something about it just makes me smile. I think it is the sweet looks on their beautiful faces
A perfect day.