Friday, July 6, 2012

three months ago i had a baby . . . . .

then two weeks later we celebrated Seth's birthday
then two weeks after that celebrated Emma's birthday
then soccer season started somewhere in there
then we blessed Hannah
then the end of a great school year came
then we celebrated my Dad's 60th birthday in Waterton (oh how i heart my family)
then Emma and Seth started swimming lessons
then cheered on Will, Maddison and Ethan in the SOUTHERN ALBERTA SUMMER GAMES( they participated in track & field events, soccer and basketball)

 . . . . . things have been pretty busy around here
and now Summer is here, Hooray!
And all the while this little peanut has been growing and changing.  Oh how i love this sweet baby girl! She is babbling and squealing and making the cutest sounds, she loves to smile at her brothers and sisters and is such a happy content baby.  She just rolls with everything we are doing, running the kids to their activities . . . . such an angel baby!! xoxo

i am trying to work on photo books, of Seth and Hannah and get all caught up.  i am also trying to work making my blog into a photo book, a work in progress!
Happy Summer!  We have been enjoying days at the pool and all the fun in the sun!


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Thomas Family said...

hurray for summer. Sounds like life has been busy and wonderful. Love the update about your beautiful family!