Saturday, July 28, 2012

Maddison and Ethan had a birthday!!

Summer Birthdays are so fun!!
They both invited a few friends and the day was hot and we swam and ran relays and had such a fun time!  We really do have a little piece of heaven here (even if my house is less than desirable ;).  There is always GOOD FUN to be had on the Farm!
     Getting ready for some boys vs. girls action!!
 We had to run into the garage so the candles would stay lit!  My camera died after this picture so we recorded Ethan live for his birthday moment!!!
 These two love each other so much.  Cousins are the best!
 The girls in the sunshine after swimming in the pool!
 When Will is around there is always entertainment!  Nice form Will!!  10!
 I tried to merge both their cakes!  It turned out better than I thought it would!! Love it when that happens. 
Cute girls, in heaven with the horses behind them! 

I can't believe I have a daughter who is 10!
Maddi is so a sweet, kind, thoughtful.
It is hard to believe that 10 years ago, just as the sun was coming up, she came into the world.  I was scared and worried that everything would be okay as the Doctors told me she would need to come via C-section.  And yet as I held her and the sun filtered in through the hospital window, I felt such a peace come over me.  I held in my arms a healthy baby girl, and because of our so called complication she was my only daughter to be born at DAWN.   I wanted to so much to have a daughter named after me, but to pass onto her the middle name of Dawn she just had to be born at Dawn.  The Lord works in mysterious ways.  None of my other daughters were born at dawn, only Maddi.

 Having a daughter is what I always dreamed it would be . . . and as she grows I get so excited for the years to come as she becomes a lady.  I have so many hopes for her, such love in my heart for this blonde haired, blue eyed, beautiful daughter of mine! 
I love you Maddison Dawn.

Ethan turned 8 this year!
What a big year for him!
Ethan has so many talents, he is so bright and funny and kind!
He is my whatever goes, what can I do to help, guess what,  sweet little man!
I remember clearly his birth and how special it was, there were so many miracles that transpired during my pregnancy and as he came into the world.  Ethan was my smallest baby and of all my babies was the only one to struggle at birth.  They showed him to me and then rushed him off to the  ICU.  Brian stayed by his side, worrying and praying over him as he struggled to fight to breath and thrive.  But what a fighter he is!  I remember finally getting to hold him and being awe struck by his perfect fingers and toes and how beautiful he was.  Every time I've given birth the emotion and love takes me by storm, it fills my heart and soul almost to bursting.  
I love you Ethan.  
I am so proud of him for wanting to be baptized.  It's all he talks about really!!  We are working on a plan to have him baptized with his Cousin Beau!  What a special day that will be!!

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