Friday, May 4, 2012

birthday's gallore!

i should be blogging about this boys birthday

seth turned 3.  oh how i love this picture of him.  he is such a happy, sweet boy. i love daily snuggles and conversation, he is talking so big these days.  i love the sweet questions that come in his husky little boy voice,"will you lay down with me mom," " can you come play with me mom,"  and the sweet bedtime whispers, " i love you so much mom."
 i love him so.

I should be blogging about this girls birthday

i can't believe she is 6.  she sparkles and her energy makes me feel young and sparkly too, just by being with her.  i love her independent spirit, her ear to ear smile, and the twinkle in her eye.  she is growing up.  i refuse to see it some days, but just look at her, she is 6 and she will be going to grade 1 next year. the thought makes my heart heavy.  i love this girl so much i will post about her woodland fairy party soon!

. . . . so how could I forget how demanding it is to take care of the needs of a newborn, it is a full time job!  i love every minute, just wish there were more minutes in the day.
 hannah is already 6 weeks old.

we bless her this Sunday, it will be a special day.

at her six week check she weighed 10 lbs 15 oz
she is growing so quickly
it goes too fast
i knew it would
i am trying to cherish every minute . . . .
every time she falls asleep in my arms
cause i know it won't be long and she'll be sitting, crawling walking, talking and going off to school.


i am in the trenches of motherhood and i am trying to let things go, smile, forgive myself, try again and enjoy the moments of mothering 6 beautiful babies.
 cause i know i am so blessed

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merideth said...

motherhood is such a wild ride!! and 6 kids seems like so much more than 5.
these pictures are beautiful. i love your new family one too. so much love and happiness!!